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    Chameleon Concepts LLC (The CoverCup™) is not responsible for any mis-use of your manufactured ignition interlock device or any unsafe acts as a result of the use of your vehicle.  It is the User/Customer's responsibility to abide by the user requirements set forth by their ignition interlock provider. It is also highly recommended that the User/Customer pull to the side of the road and come to a complete stop before conducting any "rolling tests" or tests required while the engine is running.  The CoverCup™ does not interfere with the operation of your ignition interlock in any manner but it is the User/Customer's responsiblity to drive in a safe and lawful manner. It is also the User/Customer's responsibility to verify that use of the CoverCup™ is in accordance with the laws of their State and jurisdiction. The CoverCup™ is patent pending.