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    How it works


    FITS MOST INTERLOCKS:   The CoverCup is designed to fit most ignition interlock models with both a vertical pointing mouthpiece and a horizontal facing mouthpiece.  Don't be fooled by other models that only accomodate vertical pointing mouthpieces.  

    NATURAL LOOK & FEEL:  The mouthpiece comes out of the top of the cup so it looks natural when you pick it up and blow into it.

    VIEWING WINDOW:  Front viewing window allows you to see instructions and signals of your ignition interlock.  

    LOOKS LIKE A COFFEE CUP:   The CoverCup™ with its brown base and white lid actually resembles the coffee cups provided at your favorite java stops thereby simulating a real gulp as opposed to an embarrassing blow into an interlock.  It also conveniently fits in most car cup holders. 

    PROTECTS:  The CoverCup's doubled walled plastic construction also acts as an insulate and provides a layer of protection to your ignition interlock device from sun, dust, and potential theft. 

    CoverCup Works With: Does Not Work With:
      Guardian   Intoxalcock
      SmartStart 20/20   SmartStart 20/30 (New)
      LifeSafer FC100   Drager 7000 (New)
      Alcolock LR   LifeSafer FC200
      Alcosense FR9000   ADS Determinator I & II
      Tab 720  


    SmartStart 20/20  Interlock Model



    Guardian Interlock Model



    LifeSafer Interlock Model


    *PLease note that the LifeSafer FC100 unit requires the newer models which unplug.  Older units are hardwired.  Please make sure your installer uses a modern unit or that the CoverCup is inserted at the time of installation.  


    Alcolock LR  Interlock Model





    •  To install, (i) simply remove the CoverCup™ top and and place your ignition interlock in the cup. (ii) Replace top and reconnect straw back onto the device.



    • The ignition interlock chord can be attached to the device through the bottom of the cup (as shown), or it can be strung through the cup and the chord can be fed through the crevice at the top of the body of the cup. This is beneficial when utilized with your vehicle’s cup holder as shown below.



     Disclaimer: Chameleon Concepts LLC (The CoverCup™) is not responsible for any mis-use of your manufactured ignition interlock device.  It is the User/Customer's responsibility to abide by the user requirements set forth by their ignition interlock provider. It is also highly recommended that the User/Customer pull to the side of the road and come to a complete stop before conducting any "rolling tests" or tests required while the engine is running.  The CoverCup™ does not interfere with the operation of your ignition interlock in any manner but it is the User/Customer's responsiblity to drive in a safe and lawful manner. It is also the User/Customer's responsibility to verify that use of the CoverCup™ is in accordance with the laws of their State and jurisdiction. The CoverCup™ is patented and protected under U.S. Law.